The Photography Village

Why the Photography Village?

St Monans has a unique mix of aspects of photography, past and present :

We have the Jim Matthew Camera Collection, one of the largest ever amassed by one person, with a unique collection of Kodak Brownie models;

We have competition winning views, some now on display in prestigious galleries, that are a magnet for photographers from all over the world;

We have a notable place in the history of photography, with a treasure trove of images taken by William Easton and others;

Photography has a special place in the artistic life of the village and its community arts festival;

And not least, we saw the importance of linking these and recognising their collective value as a community asset.

Want to know more? Then read on, with these articles about Eastman, Easton, and our East Neuk Photography Village


Eastman Kodak

George Eastman’s Kodak Brownie cameras take pride of place in an amazing array of over three thousand cameras

Jim Matthew
Camera Collection

William Easton

A pioneer of photography who lived and worked in St Monans, part of our rich local photographic heritage.

Our photographic local heritage

The East Neuk

Photographers travel from all over the world to the East Neuk fishing villages – and especially to St Monans. Find out why …

St Monans, photographic gem