The Startech was a specialised version of the Brownie Starflash supplied with two close-up lenses, red marked for 4-8 inches and green marked for 10-16 inches. There were four kits available:

Kodak Startech Outfit with camera, 2 lenses, 12 flash bulbs, 1 roll colour slide film and 3 batteries.  Price $34.75

Medical Kit, with camera, 2 lenses, 2 rolls colour film, 24 flashbulbs, large carrying case, 4 inch deluxe frame, 10 inch deluxe frame and 2 batteries. Price $55.75

Dental Kit, as Medical Kit plus 1 pair dental retractors molded and a dental photographic mirror. Price $63.85

Police Kit, as Medical Kit plus camera, a copy attachment, accessory lens, 12 M5 flashbulbs, 1 roll Verichrome Pan Film, 1 to 1 lens system. Price $93.65

A wide range of accessories included:

Electronic Flash Attachment.   This was a mains power transformer which fed a “Speedlight” – a lamp which fitted the flash bulb socket of the camera and covered by a flash shield. Bulky and expensive at $66. 

Slide X Desk Viewer.  A rear projector for 2×2 slides giving a 7×7 inch picture, costing $75 plus $3 for a clip on clear plastic front screen for lecturer notes.

Twin Projector Theatre.  A 6”x 12” front screen allowed two 6”x 6” images to be shown side by side.  Two eyepieces were fitted and it was also possible to throw the images on to a larger screen.  Price $70.

Other accessories included 8” and 13” deluxe frames, Medical and Dental identification frames, insect frame, lens with ruler and associated large flashbulbs,  a side light attachment and a reducer to cut down light for flower photography, two sizes of X-ray copier, mounts for 4 and 6 slides or X-ray and regular and full and infant mouth dental X-ray mounts.

The Brownie Startech Outfit shown here was made in 1959, and was acquired from a friend’s stall at Bievres, France.

(post author – Julian Jackson)

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