This is the most professional of the Kodak close-up outfits in our collection.  The 828 negative would provide the best chance of enlargement to considerable size.  The instructions do not specify intended use, but it mentions photography of skin lesions and states that the frame can be safely sterilised, so the uses are pretty evident.

It came in a black box of heavy cardboard with a hinged lid and red lettering and was based on the Kodak Pony 828 camera complete with a Kodak BC Flashholder, Portra lenses, a special stainless steel frame and a flashguard.  It has a 12 page instruction book for the outfit and a separate 26 page instruction book for the camera. 

The outfit included 2x and 3x Portra lenses, a Wratten 81C filter, an adapter ring and a retainer ring – all Series V Kodak products.  The outfit was assembled on a ‘U’ bracket attached to the camera tripod boss.  A Flasholder could then be mounted and tilted forward and down for close-up work.

An “L” shaped square section focusing frame was then attached at the front of the bracket. The frame had marks to indicate the area of view for close up work and engraved parallax marker for the 2.5 ft distance.  The outfit was designed for four close up distances of 8”, 2.5ft, 7ft and 8ft.  For close up work the Flasholder had to be fitted with a plastic translucent guard. 

The instructions do not make any mention of Lester A Dine Inc who either produced or had input into the other Close-up Kits mentioned in the previous articles, so it appears this was an all Kodak production.

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