Photo Competition 2021

Photographers love St Monans. And why not? It’s a treasure trove of interesting and beautiful images. No wonder the village already features in so many publications and films.

Sky blue pink St Monans
Sky blue pink St Monans

Now that the pandemic restrictions are relaxing, the Community Arts Festival Committee is hopeful that we will be able to hold some indoor events this year, with the arts festival taking place at the beginning of October, perhaps supplemented by some online and outdoor events.

And one way or another – whether with a physical or a virtual exhibition of the best entries – the photographic competition will still provide an opportunity to spotlight St Monans, the Photography Village.

If you are the best in your age category, then you’ll win a cash prize. And photos may also be featured in local publications. Because the festival is a little later this year, so is the closing date: you have until September 19th to submit your entries.

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