World Photography Day

181 years ago today, on the 19th of August 1839, the French government bought the patent for the Daguerreotype photographic process, developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce, and announced it would be “free to the world”.

August 19th 2020 is also a significant day for photography in St Monans, with the official launch of the fundraising appeal for the newly set up Jim Matthew Camera Collection Trust, which aims to buy the amazing 3000+ camera collection and maintain it in the village.

We’ll be posting more information about the collection as the campaign progresses, here and on local social media. The trust also now has its own website and social media pages, and there is a crowdfunder to allow people to make donations. If you want to email for more information, you can write to donations@stmonans.photograpphy




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